Sam's Pizza Capalaba


Step into a world of tantalizing aromas and mouthwatering flavors as we invite you to experience the ultimate pizza paradise.

At Sam’s Pizza Capalaba by Pani we are passionate about crafting the perfect pizza that will leave you craving for more.

Our mission is simple: to serve you the most delicious, handcrafted pizzas made with love and the finest ingredients. From the moment you walk through our doors, you'll be greeted with a warm and inviting atmosphere, where the tantalizing scent of freshly baked dough fills the air.

Opening Hours
Monday - Sunday 4:00 PM - 8:30 PM

Come on in, grab a pizza, and let us take you to heaven, one bite at a time.


Our average customer rating is 4.9 / 5
The pizzas were really yummy, they have some quite unique flavours too which I’ll be hoping to try in the future. The ribs were soooooo good, the bbq sauce on them was yummy and it came with two baked potatoes. Sorry there are no photos because we were too busy devouring the food.
Jodie A
If you like Asian flavors, must try their “Tom Yum Pizza”! It’s soooo good!!! (with their Tom Yum paste, prawns, chicken and touch of fresh acidity with lime.)🍕😋 Their online system is easy to use and functional. Delivery and pick up option available, too! Very friendly and quick service✌️
Dahms Chie


I’m not Sam! I’m Pani (Pronounced Penny) I’ve been blessed to own Sam’s Pizza Capalaba for over 10 years. I love making pizza, To me pizza is an art, with love and passion you can create something amazing!